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Transferring data and/or code between the file system on your workstation and the file system on a remote computer is often a necessary first step in deployment of code, or else a one-time or regular element of a scientific workflow. There are a number of utilities available to accomplish this essential task. The one you choose depends on the size and number of files to be transferred as well as the ease of invoking the utility. Being able to embed the data transfer commands in a script can also be a consideration. This module will present the various options and the pros and cons of each of them as well as ways to make these transfers faster. While the techniques for transferring files presented here apply in general, the examples in this module will use Stampede as the remote computer.

Linda Woodard (original author), Adam Brazier
Cornell Center for Advanced Computing

With contributions from:
Texas Advanced Computing Center and Globus

Revisions: 2/2-15, 7/2013 (original)