Jetstream2 is a user-friendly cloud computing environment for researchers that is based on OpenStack and Exosphere. It is designed to provide configurable cyberinfrastructure that gives you access to interactive computing and data analysis resources on demand, whenever and wherever you want to analyze your data. This roadmap covers the basic knowledge that you need to make productive use of Jetstream2, including how to access Jetstream2, create and manage instances and volumes, log in to instances, and transfer files.


After you complete this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Understand which types of projects are well-suited to Jetstream2
  • Understand the basic architecture of Jetstream2
  • Be able to access Jetstream2, create instances and volumes, log on to an instance, and manage instances
  • Be able to transfer files to and from Jetstream2 instances
This roadmap assumes no prior knowledge of cloud computing or Jetstream2.

To perform the steps outlined in this roadmap you will need:

  • An ACCESS User ID, which may be obtained from the ACCESS User Registration page.
  • An ACCESS allocation. ACCESS provides complete information about its allocations, while Jetstream2 provides an overview of the types of allocations that are available, with links to detailed information about allocations in the context of Jetstream2.
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