Jetstream2 is a user-friendly cloud computing environment that is designed to provide configurable cyberinfrastucture to researchers. To learn more about Jetstream2's features and how to use it, visit the topic Introduction to Jetstream2.

This topic covers advanced subjects related to accessing and controlling Jetstream2's functionality through programmatic means such as Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs). APIs provide low level access that is designed to be powerful rather than easy to use. As such, the techniques described in this topic may be challenging for less experienced cloud computing users and programmers.


After you complete this roadmap, you should be able to:

  • Understand the different programmatic and user interfaces available for Jetstream2.
  • Understand the reasons for choosing to use each of Jetstream2's interfaces.
  • Be able to perform some typical operations in Jetstream2 through each of the interfaces.
  • Be able to access additional resources for detailed help when using each interface.
  • Complete the Introduction to Jetstream2 tutorial.
  • A familiarity with the Bash shell, environment variables and some Linux commands.

To perform the steps outlined in this roadmap you will need:

  • An ACCESS User ID, which may be obtained from the ACCESS User Registration page.
  • An ACCESS allocation. ACCESS provides complete information about its allocations, while Jetstream2 provides an overview of the types of allocations that are available, with links to detailed information about allocations in the context of Jetstream2.
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