OpenMP Runtime Library

Christopher Cameron, Steve Lantz, Peter Vaillancourt, CAC Staff (original)
Cornell Center for Advanced Computing

Revisions: 6/2022, 3/2021, 2/2017 (original)

The OpenMP runtime libraries contain routines that can be used to:

  • modify the execution environment at runtime
  • manipulate locks on memory locations
  • time sections of code

This topic describes how to use these three classes of runtime library routines.


After you complete this segment, you should be able to:

  • List three main uses of OpenMP runtime libraries
  • List the routines that can be used to modify the execution environment
  • Demonstrate manipulating locks
  • Describe the two timing routines
  • Demonstrate implementing a parallel while loop
  • A working knowledge of general programming concepts
  • A working knowledge of Linux; otherwise, try working through the Linux topic first
  • Ability to program in a high-level language such as Fortran or C
  • A basic familiarity with parallel programming concepts
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