Globus is a research data management system that is available on Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) systems. It provides fast, reliable and secure file transfers and data sharing, as well as publication and discovery functionality.

This topic introduces some advanced subjects for Globus data transfer functionality:

If you are new to Globus, you should begin your learning with the introductory Globus Data Transfer topic, which covers the basics of:

  • Creating Globus accounts
  • Transferring files through the Globus web interface

After you complete this topic, you should be able to:

  • Perform data transfers using the Globus Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Use the Globus CLI commands in scripts
  • Create and manage a Globus endpoint on a personal computer

System requirements include:

If the reader does not have access to any TACC resources, the topic's information can be adapted to work with other Globus servers by substituting the correct organizational login information and endpoint names.

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