Globus is a research data management system that provides fast, reliable and secure file transfers and data sharing, as well as publication and discovery functionality. It is available on many high performance computing resources, including those at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).

This topic describes the basic Globus file transfer functionality and how to use it through the Globus web interface. The web interface allows you to initiate and mange file and folder transfers, and to delete and rename files and folders. For most users, the Globus web interface provides all the transfer functionality they will need to support their research.

Globus also provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) that can be used to perform transfers from within scripts. Additionally, users can run software on their personal computers to facilitate data transfers between those computers and other computers that support Globus transfers. Readers who are interested in the CLI or transfers to/from a personal computer are advised to complete this topic before continuing on to the Globus Data Transfer - Advanced topic where the CLI, scripting and transfers from personal computers are discussed.


After you complete this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Describe Globus data transfer functionality
  • Demonstrate using Globus data transfer to facilitate research on TACC resources.
  • Create Globus accounts and perform data transfers through the web interface.
  • There are no formal prerequisites for this course.

System requirements include:

  • A TACC Portal username. Readers without a username should Create a TACC User Portal account.
  • An allocation on one or more TACC resources. Visit TACC's Allocation Guide to learn about obtaining a resource allocation.
  • If the reader does not have access to any TACC resources, the topic's information can be adapted to work with other Globus servers by substituting the correct organizational login information and endpoint names.
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