Manu Shantharam, SDSC (Original), Steve Lantz (Updates)
Cornell Center for Advanced Computing

Revisions: 11/2022, 12/2020, 6/2018 (original)

Parallel HDF5 (PHDF5) is the parallel version of the HDF5 library. PHDF5 supports file operations such as creating, opening and closing files, as well as dataset operations such as object creation, modification and querying, all in parallel using MPI-IO.


After you complete this topic, you should be able to:

  • Enable sequential or parallel access using the HDF5 API
  • Demonstrate creating, opening, and closing a file with PHDF5
  • Demonstrate how to do hyperslab-based I/O using the HDF5 API
  • Explain how to optimize parallel I/O through hints to PHDF5

To complete this topic, you will need basic knowledge of HDF5, such as found in this HDF5 introduction document, and MPI. There are many sources of information on MPI, such as MPI Basics.

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